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Learn How to Type. and Teach Your Kids, Too!

Author: RapidTyping Team

Getting bored quickly while typing long emails at a modest pace? Do too many typos make your messages look illiterate? Do you want your kids to type quickly and correctly without using newspeak? Train yourself and your kids with a typing tutor!

While there is no lack of typing training tools on the market, they're not all created equal. Some of them are boring, some want an arm and a leg and your first born son, some are too easy or have too many restrictions, and some are plain useless. Finding the right keyboard training tool for the entire family is not that simple.

Rapid Typing Tutor is a free keyboard tutor offered by "". Learning how to type properly without looking at the keyboard is easy. Rapid Typing Tutor makes keyboard training fun and entertaining, and does not cost you a dime. Kids, and adults too, can use Rapid Typing Tutor to improve their typing skills through a series of easy, fun lessons.

Rapid Typing Tutor is not just another boring keyboard training tool. With numerous colorful skins and avatars and a game-like environment, Rapid Typing Tutor makes learning typing fun for both adults and children. A built-in typing game makes learning to type an easy and entertaining experience.

The built-in typing game makes your training more like a game, not studying. Your training will take place under the water. The better typist you become the more colourful creatures you will see.

Evaluate your or your kids' performance at any time by simply looking at charts! Rapid Typing Tutor tracks your progress, and allows you to see your results at any time. Your statistics are represented as tables and charts, allowing you to see your progress and become motivated for taking yet another lesson. The statistics displays your typing speed and accuracy, always with a summary at the end of each lesson.

Rapid Typing Tutor is absolutely free. Don't pay now, and don't pay later! There are no hidden fees, no adware and no spyware included. Plan your lessons according to your skills and capabilities. Rapid Typing Tutor offers you complete freedom of learning, allowing you to make your own lessons and plan your studies. No need to force yourself into a Procrustean bed of pre-defined learning plans! Rapid Typing Tutor allows accessing any lesson at any time, from the easiest to the most advanced.

You can make your own lessons as easy as you make your plans with Rapid Typing Tutor. If you want to practice a particular key or any set of keys, it's easy to create a specific lesson to train you for those particular keys.

There are more types of keyboards than just QWERTY, including AZERTY, ABNT2, and Dvorak to name a few. Rapid Typing Tutor supports many different kinds of keyboards, helping you to adjust to your existing or a new working environment in a few easy lessons.

To help you learn how to place your fingers on the keyboard, Rapid Typing Tutor will display a virtual keyboard with zone highlights. This way, you'll always know which hand belongs to which zone.

To make learning even more fun while teaching you how to type correctly, Rapid Typing Tutor displays two moving hands over the keyboard.

Don't wait too long and get your free copy at:

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RapidTyping Team, Kiev, Ukraine


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Learn How to Type. and Teach Your Kids, Too!
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